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Les vins d’un rêve “The Wines of a Dream”

“Alain Brumont has only one ambition: that each of its gestures of vigneron are reflected in the glass of wine. Indefatigable discoverer of terroirs Gascons, stage director of local grape varieties, gardener lovers of his vineyard conduct to the natural, winemaker respectful of origins, it is the leader of the South West wine, be it in the Madiran Appellations and Parenchec Vic Bilh or in the sides of Biscay. Ambition accomplished, Bouscasse, Ch teau Montus quite and Torus have become icons of the universe of Great Wines, each vintage is a reflection of its dreams.” Pierre Casamayor

Alain Brumont among the greatest French terroirs.

Elected first winemakers french and world among the 10 largest global wines, Alain Brumont has rehabilitated former terroirs abandoned for almost 50 years.


My philosophy
the interpretation of a large vineyard and a large wine by Alain Brumont.

Before being recognized as great winemakers, Alain Brumont has been able to create a taste. Alongside the tastes affirmed centenary as Bordeaux and Burgundy, there is today the taste Brumont. Phenomenon in the wine growing world, Alain Brumont has developed his own style, it is a designation in the appellation. Only a handful of people in the world is part of these phenomena.

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