Solena Restaurant

5 Rue Chaufour, 33000 Bordeaux, France

+33 5 57 53 28 06

+33 5 57 53 28 06

Wed-Saturday 7:45-9:30 pm Sunday 12-2 pm , 7:45-9:30 pm

Wed-Saturday 7:45-9:30 pm Sunday 12-2 pm , 7:45-9:30 pm

An up and coming player on Bordeaux’s restaurant scene, Solena was founded by a native son. Chef Aurelien Crosato came home after working in restaurants in both France and San Francisco. Combining seasonal local ingredients with the best of Bordeaux wines, Solena is the place to savor and celebrate the tastes of this age-old French region. The restaurant is on the Rue Chauffour only a few blocks from the University of Bordeaux.

Welcome to Soléna restaurant.

Our philosophy is simple: here is the star product. In season, the freshest, local, from the farming, sometimes bio …

We associate the French culinary tradition with contemporary techniques and influences from other backgrounds.

Without fuss or bluff, everything we offer (except the bread of our friend and neighbor baker) is made by us.

The owners, Serena Lee, your hostess and Aurelien Crosato, Chief, welcome you home. It is Bordeaux, she comes from San Francisco, California.

We will be closed exceptionally on December 25.  
We will be closed on Christmas Day.

Our philosophy

Soléna is dedicated to Bringing seasonal farm-inspired cuisine to your table. Our philosophy is simple and real: always fresh, local, sustainable and organic whenever will possible. We use technology to combine French culinary tradition with modern multi-cultural influences.Everything from the sauces to the pastries and ice cream are made in-house.

Soléna is owned and operated Exclusively by husband / wife team, Chef Aurélien Crosato, Bordeaux, and Serena Lee, San Francisco, California expat.

Bon Appetit!



To maintain the freshness and spontaneity of our cuisine and to meet seasonal produce, our menu is deliberately short and changes regularly: 2-3 inputs and 2-4 and 1-2 dishes to choose desserts.

If you want a buffet, steak frites or a menu with 50 suggestions then Soléna likely to disappoint you!

For the moment the menu join us on the page Facebook of Soléna.To ensure quality and freshness, we propose a small and Continuously changing menu guided by the best of what’s available. Our menu is Typically Composed of 8 choices total : 3 starters, 3 main courses and 2 desserts.Join us on Facebook for the current menu, updates and events.
Carte Blanche
(For all of your guests / p articipation by The Entire table is required)
€ 62.00

Entry & Flat & Dessert

from € 41.00  starting at € 41.00

Plate of raw milk farmhouse cheeses ripened
€ 9

Price Nets. Service Included.

Thank you to our suppliers : Palmagri bunny Mr. Bibard, vegetables Eysines, Garden Etienne Pierre Rollet cheese, pig Chapolard Mr. Michel Cluizel …

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